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Best Movie Ever

My favorite movie is Il Était Une Fois Les Boys. This is a family movie. This movie is really funny for many reasons . They stole a car and sold it for $ 200. At the beginning Romeo punched a guy because he laughed at his name. Although there is a really sad part. One of the main characters, Ben, dies and everyone in the movie starts to cry. The happiest part is that at the end they see Ben as a ghost. That is why for me it is the best movie. Ben is my and Beatrice’s favorite and when he died we both cried.
What is your favorite movie ?

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Lions Grrr!!!

Lions are big cats. They are mostly found in Sub Saharan Africa and in Asia and in a zoo. Lions live up to 10 – 14 years old  in the wild and longer than 20 years old in a zoo. The female lion goes hunting to feed the family while the male is resting. Lions spend most of their time resting. The mane of an adult lion is unique among cats. The mane of a lion makes the lion look larger. Grrr!!!!!!.

Did  you ever see a lion that is not in a zoo?


Photo Credit: Sam Stearman, Wikipedia

Olympic Mascot Of 2010

Vancouver 2010 Penelope ElenaVancouver 2010 2 Penelope Elenabrown green creature Penelope Elenafurry thing Penelope ElenaWhen my dad came back from his  job he brought  me four mascots of   the 2010  Olympics. They are so cute. My favorite one is the black and white one. They are important to me because I used to live in British Columbia and he got it in Vancouver. We moved to Quebec, so it reminds me of British Columbia.

Did you ever see an Olympic game that is not on TV ?

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My Dream

When I was a little girl I always wished I had a horse.  I started horse back riding when I was four years old. The first horse I rode was a horse name Highlander. He was calm and nice. Now my favorite horses are Romance and Stilton. Romance is the right size for me  and very nice. Romance is black and has a white heart on her head.  I never rode on Stilton but he is nice and he is grey.

penelope Have you ever rode on a horse ?


My Fav Pin

golden planes Penelope ElenaMy favorite pin is two little golden planes that my dad got when he was little.

Do you have a favorite  pin?


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There’s A Zoo At My House

Penelope Elena catPenelope Elena cat 2Penelope Elena animalAt home I have two guinea pigs and one cat. I think that guinea pigs are great pets but  you need to take care of them a lot. My Siamese cat  is mean and she bites but I still like her. At night she meows too much. My guinea pigs are called Rose and Fluffy and my cat is called Stella Rose.

Do you have animals ?

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My Dad 2010 Olympic Police

Today I asked my dad about when he worked as a police officer at 2010 Olympics where they handed out the medals. People were very loud!!!!. There were some people who got in trouble like braking things and stilling. There were at least 6,318 officers over there. There were police officers from all Penelope Olympic Pinover Canada. There was not enough snow so they needed to get some. But my dad did not see any athletes over where they handed out the medals.


Snow Day Slide Out

Our whole class went on a school trip. We went to a hill to go sliding.  Beatrice and I were sliding down the hill. We went really fast. We were going down and then we came to a big jump. We were in the air, but still holding on. We had a bad landing and we hurt our backs. The next ride I had was with Roxy. We took  Juliette’s crazy carpet. We were going down the hill and we all fell down. When I got up my back was  burning. That day it was so cold I couldn’t feel my toes.

It was the same week as Olympic week at our school.

Do you like to go sliding? If yes did you already get hurt?

Pins Pins And More Pins

Penelope pins on chair 1I will be talking to you about my collection of pins. When my dad was young he started collecting pins and now he passed the collection on to me. Most of the pins are hockey teams that my dad played against, and pins from his team and some other teams. There are also Canada’s flag and Olympic Games of 2010 pins.

Do you have a big collection of pins?