Child Labor Pt.1 – Blog Action Day 2014

 Child Labor is a bad thing that is happening in our world. Children get badly treated. They get badly paid. I hope one day it will stop. We children have our rights like every other person. No one can take those rights from us.

Here in Canada we have the right to No Child Labor. I and every  other children have the right to have freedom and liberty. We don’t get taken away from our family. We get cared by our parents. We don’t have to work if we don’t want to. We don’t get beaten up . We get the amount of food that we need. Most importantly, we have a fun and happy life, and we have the right to have friends. If you are in Child Labor your life wont be happy or fun. You wont get friends.

I read a journal and it said  ” The government should provide extra money for the children of families in need.”

Child Labor pt.2 Blog Action 2014

Art.32 The government should protect you from work that is dangerous or might harm your health or education.

Source: UNICEF,Know your rights and responsibilities

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Can You Play?

soccer elenaOne of my favorite sports is soccer. I started playing soccer when I was a little girl. At that time I wasn’t too good and there were only boys in my soccer team. Now, I am a lot better than before. In 2013, I had a great team. We won 3 place in the series I was so proud of them. We even made it in the newspaper. In the summer of 2014 I had a team called Galaxy. We were very strong. We finished 2 places in the whole year. I was also very proud of them.  I play soccer each summer. Soccer is a game that you play with a ball and feet. I play defense. I like playing defense because you make sure the all does not come near the goalie. My sister is also really good. She plays goalie, demi, and sometimes attack. My dad always tells me that I really improved from last year. My dad is really proud of me.  

Photo credit: Wikimedia commons

Edublog Challenge 3 (Are You Game?)

796px-Banff_Spring_Hotel elenaBanff_Springs_Hotel_-_Fall_2013-2 elenaIs Banff Springs Hotel haunted? In 1932 a woman died at Banff Springs Hotel. A woman was wearing her wedding dress. She was on the staircase. There were candles, when her dress caught on fire. She fell down the stairs and broke her neck. The woman died of a broken neck. Stop right here? If you are a scared don’t read the rest. Guests and employees reported seeing her dancing in the ballroom, as a spirit. A person who works there reported seeing her dance in the Rob Roy dining room, she was dancing on music. People who work there reported hearing noises in the bridal suit room when it was not used. They also reported seeing her walking down the staircase. Her dress caught on fire and she disappeared. Where did she go?    

Bellman Sam McAuleys retired but he still came to work. Before he died in 1975, he threatened the hotel to haunt it. When he died, the bellman acted like he  was still working there. He kept on opening the elevator doors on times he didn’t need to. People said that it was his way to say hello to the guests. Are you scared now?

The hotel was found by William Cornelius Van Horne. The hotel was built in the 19th century. The hotel is located in Alberta, in the Rocky Mountains, just above the Bow falls.

Do you now a scary place? if you do, tell me about it.

Photo credit: Wikimedia commons, Is Banff Springs Haunted,  Real Haunted Banff Springs Hotel

The Musical Ride

musical ride elenamusical ride 2 elenaSunday I went to see the musical ride. The horses were so beautiful. They were all black. They had different marks on their faces. It was  amazing. What really impressed me was when the were galloping really fast  in one big line. One time someone yelled charge and they charged to the gate, then stopped.    Before the horses came out with the RMCP, there were people playing Irish music. It was really fun. at the end we got to go pet the horses and take pictures with them.  I had a really great time.

Photo credit: Wikimedia commons


Mangos | Edublog Challenge 2

Mangos_BajitosMangos are one of my favorite fruits. They are juciy and delicious. The Mango that I loved the most is from Cuba. Mexico Mangos are my favorite. When I come home I always like to eat an mango.  When I was young I hated mangos, but now I love mangos. My first favorit furit would be grapes. I really like grapes.

Do you like mangos?

I was inspired to right about mangos on Hayleys blog. To learn more about mangos go to Hayley blog.

Should The Athletes Get Punished By The NFL?

Should athletes who behave badly in their private life be punished by their job?

Adrian Peterson and Ray Rice did something they shouldn’t have. That may affect their family or their job.  Adrian Peterson started hitting his son with a twig, which made him cut on his body. Why did he use that kind of violence on his son? Ray Rice was caught on video, beating his wife. His wife knocked her head and fell unconscious.

Why did he use football violence in his private life? They did very bad things. Should they be punished by the NFL or by the police? My first reaction was that they should get punished by their job, because they know that if they do it again they will get kick off of the football team. I think the reason for their violence is because the thin k the can do anything. They might also think that their better than everyone, but they’re not. Their coach might want them to act tough all the time, so they did that to act though.

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Cross Country

running elenaCross country grade 3,4,5,6 do. I am in the grade 6 cross country team. For the cross country you will be running in forests. Cross country is a great outdoor sport. In the cross country I will be running about 1.2 km. If you are under 20 position you get a ribbon. I like this sport, because it makes me want to work harder. My dad and mom are always happy when I do sports. My dad always tells me and my sister ” no pain no game”. That means if you cant feel pain when your running or when your doing a sport, you aren’t doing your best. My sister, father, mother, and I go running tougher are and sometimes we don’t. I run 1 time a week or 1 time each 2 days. This year I hope I do better than last year. I also hope to win a ribbon. Beatrice and Roxy are also in the cross country. This week I am going to run a lot, so I can get ready for the cross country. The cross country is this Thursday.  Now enough about me, I will start telling you what you need to do. Frist you need to have proper running shoes, that means no high heels or flats. You can’t start to fast or else you will not have energy at the end. When you get close to the end run the fasts that you can. The most important thing is to never stop running, if you are out of breath slow down but don’t walk. Never give up. The faster your arms go the faster you will run. How do I know all that stuff ?

Well I do athletisme. Atheltsime we do sports like high jump, long jump, cross country, sprint, and more. The coaches  give us tricks on running and more. This season we are doing cross country so we are running a lot, to get us ready. Wish me luck.

Friends Or Enemies – Chapter 3

elena luckChapter 3

“Beep beep beep” Clara woke up. She Saw her parents crying. They saw her wake up. They  weren’t crying because she woke up. It was because she lost her left leg. “Mom dad what happened” asked Clara. ” You got hit by a car” said her dad. She looked down sadly. ” Ahahah my leg where’s my leg” screamed Clara. ” They had had to take it off because the car rolled on your leg” said her mom. Clara started crying.

Friends Or Enemies – Chapter 2

elena luckChapter 2

At super Clara told her mom about the sleepover.” Everybody had something to do again” said Clara. “Well your friends proudly had something to do” said her mom. ”Yeah but I always see them together at Cleo’s house” said Clara looking sad. ” I have no answer for that” said her mom. The next day she saw her friends down the road. Clara started screaming at them to wait for her. They were laughing and pretending not to hear her. She ran across the street than Bang!. A car hit Clara.

photo credit: Wikimedia commons