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Why War

peace ElenaWhy do we have war and not peace ?

Canada wants peace.

We want peace.

Why have a world with war, when you can have one with peace ?

People die of war, homes are destroyed.

Kids are losing their parents.

So why war?

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I Am Back!

Rimouski_sunset ElenaHello people,

I am back on the blog. So I had a great summer.  I went to Rimouski with my friend. I also went to Mexico. It was so much fun, the hotel was so beautiful. I went to Mexico  with my family and an other family. The sun was so hot. The rooms were amazing. In the room you have a bar,a mini fridge , a TV, and plenty other things. They have a sport bar in the hotel. I also went to la ronde with Juliette. We did the Vampier. The Vampier is my favorite roller Coster. Thats all that i need to tell you for now. Bye.


Good Bye Followers

Good bye followers. I will not be blogging this summer. Maybe  I will be blogging times to times. Wow this year went so fast I am going to be in grade six. This summer I am going to Mexico!!!!!! I love Mexico. I am also going horseback riding with my friend Juliette.  Tomorrow Its fun day! So that’s all I need to tell you.

Friends Or Enemies – Chapter 1

elena luckClara was walking down the road listening  to her favorite song ” As long as you love me “.  She was listening to that song until she saw her best friends Sara,Cleo,Zoey,and Rose. They were best friends since we were 5.”Hi girls” said Clara “can you come and have a sleepover at my house tomorrow night?”  ”Sorry Clara but I have dance practice tomorrow night” said Cleo. ” I have to go to my grandmas house” said Rose. “I am going shopping with my family” said Sara.” I am going to my dads” said Zoey.” But you guys always have somewhere to go and something to do” said Clara. When Clara looked at her watch it was time to go eat supper. “Bye” said Clara.

I Can Fly!!!

elena tucanIf I could be a bird I would be a toucan. Toucans are beautiful creatures. They eat fruit and plants and that’s why I want to be a toucan. They cut the fruits and plants with their beaks.

What bird would you want to be and why?

photo credit :Wikimedia commons

Animal Torturing

sad ElenaEach day animals die because they are tortured by their owners.  More and more cats don’t have a home. These cats don’t have food or water to live. Some of them die because they can`t eat or drink  and they might get hit by cars. Some horses get hit by their owners and they get hurt. Some people even put their animals in a box and throw them into the garbage. Animals need someone to care about them, just like us. My friend found a homeless dog in a box and kept it. They think it`s tail had been cut off by other owners. Please stop animal torturing.

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Best Places Ever!!!

One day I would love to visit Tokyo, China, Mexico, and Hollywood. I have already went to Mexico and Hollywood.  At Mexico I love the beaches. There are waves big enough to do boogie boarding too The sun is so hot you could feel the burning sand between your toes. When I was younger went to Hollywood. I don’t really  remember how it looks like. I want to go there because its a beautiful place and there are plenty of people that I would like to meet. I would also like to go to China because I could eat Chinese food and see how it looks over there. I would also like to go to Tokyo because I want to see how it looks like over there and I think should be fun to go there. So those are the places that I would love to go.Elena Online Mexico Elena online China Town Japan Hollywood_sign Elena

Where would you like to go?

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Go Habs Go!!!




Go Habs Go. Wow it was such an amazing game. It was the final game, Habs vs Bruins. The Habs won the game. They won 3-1. We all thought that it was the end for them at the tournament, when Bruins scored 1 point; now the score was 1-2. We were all wrong.  The Habs did it; we won the match against Boston. Some people thought that they wouldn’t make it that far. Other people believed in the Habs. Every day after the Habs won a game, at school some people wore Habs shirts. I can’t wait to see the next game.


The next game is Saturday May 17,  against the New York Rangers.

Are you a big fan of the Habs?


photo credit:  Wikimedia Commons

Best Season Ever!!!!!

Elena water slidesMy favorite season is summer. I love summer. The sun is beautiful and hot. We could swim in a pool. SummerMexico-beach Elena is about having fun which means no TV or video games. The Flowers are beautiful. Go play at the park. go to the water slides and water park. play with your friends. Take a vacation somewhere. have fun! I agree with Roxy, summer is such a fun and beautiful time of the year.

What do you do in summer?  

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My Biggest Fear!!!!!

Red_Belly_Black_Snake,_AustraliaIf I was in my room with my biggest fear, I would cri and scream  My biggest fear are a room with a killer, poison animals, water rising up until it reaches the roof, with my family dad in the corner. So that’s my biggest fear. I am Afraid of poisonous animals because where I used to live there was poisonous animals everywhere. My mom even stepped on a rattle snake.

What’s your biggest fear?Poison_Dart_Frog

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