About My Blog!

Today I will be writing about my super AWSOME blog! I will type about the things I said I would do, what I am happy about my blog, and more.  

There is a lot of things I said I would be I didn`t like showing how to make rainbow loom and creating things. I said that I will show you followers how to make rainbow loom bracelets. I guess I didn`t have time to show you guys how. I not really into rainbow loom now.

I never thought that I would make a novel. I made a very good novel, but I went a bit off topic. It was suppose to talk about friends that become enemies instead of someone losing their leg because they got hit by a car. I didn’t`t really think about the title of my novel.

Now my blog is mostly about my life, what team I am on, school projects and more. One post about my life is about my animals, Rose, Stella Rose, and Fluffy. THEY ARE SO CUTE! I also wrote about the EXAMS!!!! The hard ministers exam!!!!!! Continue reading


I’m Back!!!!!!!!

elena I am backHi followers,

I am so sorry that I wasn’t able to blog a lot these months, but now I’m back. Get ready for a whole new adventure with me and my life. I was so busy with my exams that I couldn’t blog anymore. I am so happy that my exams are over. The ministery exams are a bit hard if you don’t study for them. If you study it will be easy.

I hope you guys had a blast these past months, because it is going to end when you do the exams 😉.

Have an amazing day and please comment if you did your exams.




Where Am I In My Centripetal Force Experiment

centripetal-force-jello-marble elenaHas you guys know I am in the science. I have finished my whole experiment, but I didn’t do my poster. I had a bit of problems with my experiment. My first problem was putting the marble in the Jell-O. I had trouble putting the marble in the middle because it went to deep or it didn’t go deep enough. I had to pull the marble out serval times before I got it right.  Making the centripetal force tester was a bit hard.  I broke one plastic cup, because I was using scissors, so it broke the cup. The second time I let my mom make a hole in the cup because I wasn’t able. Testing the centripetal force was so fun. I spine the cup with the Jell-O and the marble went in the bottom because the centripetal force was keeping it from falling out. I am really happy for picking this project because I never knew what centripetal force was until now and doing the experiment is really fun.    

Photo Credit: Science Buddies, http://www.sciencebuddies.org/science-fair-projects/project_ideas/Phys_p018.shtml#procedure


Swim To The End Of The Ocean

The first picture is a baby dolphin. I chose this picture because the dolphin was so cute and the picture was well taken. This photo was taken by:  Mark Interrante.

I chose the second photo because it is 2 babies dolphin with there mom swimming. I found that it would go really well in this post because their parent is with them. The person that took this photo is: Shirehorse.

The third  photo is a painting of a dolphin. I find this painting very original because of how the Dolphins are. One of the Dolphins are close and one is jumping in the air. I love this painting because of the colors. The colors are light and dark. The person who took this photo is Mike Quinn.

The next picture is a statue of dolphins. I really like how the dolphins are placed and in the middle there are water running. The tallest dolphin looks like if its going to jump in the air. The person who made this statue or took a picture of it is Nevit Dilmen.

Photo credit: Wikimedia commons





Oma’s Quilt

omas_quilt elenaHave you ever seen a video where a quilt comes to life, or you have seen one and want to see a better video. If yes then watch ” Oma’s Quilt” at


You might remember the website because I talked about “Nightmare At School”. I found “Oma’s Quilt” at the same website. This video makes your day. Oma is a grandmother who is going to a retirement home. She doesn’t like it over there. Emily diecids to make a quilt for her grandmother with her mom. The quilt is made out of all her grandmother’s memories. Oma is finally happy where she is because of the quilt.

The video was made in 2007 by  Izabela Bzymek.

The video wasn’t like the videos in the 1980’s it was more like the cartoons we have now. the colors are light and dark. At Maple Street the colors beautiful and light colors. When they get to the retirement home the colors are grey not to pretty, but the family is in colors.

The cartoon tells a lesson. The lesson is no matter where you are you are always home when you have the people you love by your side.

Photo credit: ONF NFB,https://www.nfb.ca/film/omas_quilt


🏆Ready, Set, Run!!!!!🏆

Hi Bloggers,

Do you remember the time when I told you I was going to do a athleticism competition?  Well I just did it last Saturday.

It was awesome. There were about 16 people or more. We had to do high jump, sprint, 600 meter run, long jump, and throw weight. It was really hard because you had to do 5 sports in the whole competition.  I won 3 ribbons. I got 6 place in the 600 meter run, 8 place at long jump, and 8 place in throw weight. I the long jump was 1 meter and 69cm, that was my record. 1-8 you got ribbons, if you were under 8 you don’t get a ribbon. My sister Bonnie got 1 ribbon in the 600 meter run. She won 7 place in the 600 meter  race.

My parents are really happy for me. My dad was there every sport I did. My mom didn’t stay that long because she had to prepare the party.

For me going on the winner stage of 8 places is because you never stopped and you gave 100 percent in every sport. For my dad I didn’t have to win a ribbon to be a winner I had to never give up and give even when it hurts, like my dad always says “no pain no game”. My dad is happy when I give my 100 percent. When I was called to get my 3 ribbons I was so happy that I couldn’t even speak. Remember to be a winner never give up!!


Nightmare At School!!!

elena nightmareI watched a video that was called “Nightmare at school”. In the video the boy had a lot of fears. These fears are fears that can happen in high school.

One of his fears was being laughed at by other people. I know that because in the video the boy was being laughed at by other kids because he was small.

His other fear was being late for class. I know that because the bell rang and he was trying to get to class, but he wasn’t able to get to class, because  things were blocking his way.

His last fear was being naked in front of his class.  . I know that because in the video he was naked in front of his class and there were people laughing, he looked really embarrassed.

A time that I saw surrealism was when the bell rang. The stairs were up side down and people were walking on them. I really like it because it is very original and I never saw it before. That was not the only time that there were surrealism but it was the one that got stuck in my mind.

Photo credit: ONF NBF, https://www.nfb.ca/film/nightmare_at_school

Created by: Catherine Arcand




💎 I`m A Winner 💎

If I won 1 billion dollars, I would be so excited. My first 60 million will go to cure Alzheimer disease. Alzheimer is when someone only remembers the past and not the present. If something happen a long time a go they might remember that, but not what happen a week a go. That disease affects the brain.

5 million will go to a homeless shelter. 10 million will go to my parents, because I love them.  The rest of the money will go to me. I will probably spent it on gifts, horseback riding,  buy a horse, and go shopping.

If you had that money what would you do with it?

640px-PET_Alzheimer elenaPhoto Credit: Wikimedia commons


👊 Lets Go 👊

This year I have been in 3 teams at school. The first team was cross country, then volleyball and now I am in a fitness team. My fitness competition is next week on the 25. In the competition I am doing push ups  and long jump. The 21 I have a competition of athlétisme.   I really like doing sports, it makes me happy and takes away my stress. My parents encourage my to do sports  and do well in school.

Photo Credit: Wikimedia commonselena sport


The Unstoppable Post

I am going to do a super duper long exciting post. It means that the post is going to last a very, very, very long time. The first thing I am going to talk about is a men planning to live the month of January. Isn’t that awesome, except the part where  lions are not vegetarian. This article was on Dogo.


Jim Jablon, who is 46 years old is living with lions for a month!!!!  Wow I am glad to call that man brave. I would have never had done that.

His idea is spending the whole entire month living with Lea and Ed the lions. He hopes that when people see him playing, eating, and sleeping with lions they will donate money so he could reach his goal to get $200,000 USD, so he could take care of all the animals he has at  The Wildlife Rehabilitation of Hernando. He also knows that their attitudes can change at anytime. That’s why he built an emergency bed at the top of a tree, so he can escape.


Continuing post