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Best new student blog.

Hi blogosphere,

Today I tell you about an awsome blog that you might have seen. I will be voting for Sofia, for me she has the best blog. Her blog is so fun. She talks about all kinds of different stuff like her favorite candy, dogs wearing costumes, animals, and snow!!!! Know  I have said enough go check out her awsome blog at http://sofiaonline.edublogs.org/

Best Student Blog
Do you want to go to a blog with lots of writing,  good  posts, plenty of stories, and different types of posts?
If yes go to Lauren’s blog. Her blog is so awesome, you will love what your reading.
She as posts about animals, her books, books, and more. So go now and have fun reading her posts.
Have a great day readers 😉


3 thoughts on “💥Edublogs Nomination💥

  1. Hey Elena,
    Its me again, Sofia. Thank you so much for nominating me. You really wrote some descriptive writing. Thanks so much. It is true that Laurens blog is impressing. But, your blog is really good too. I love your voki, and I know I already said that on another comment, but it is too cute. Here is my blog link, if you want to come check out who I nominated. And, it was a really hard chose. http://sofiaonline.edublogs.org/
    Visit Anytime!

    Sofia 😉

  2. Hi Elena,
    Its Roxy I also nominated Sofia but I also nominated Christina but it was hard to choose between Christina`s blog and your blog cause I really like your blog its awesome. It was a really hard choice and you would definitely be my next choice for sure. 🙂

  3. Hello Elena, I really like how you have been saying a lot of information and introducing new places like telling us where you have been. It is a real sizziling peace of information. My favourite things to eat is chicken and my favourite drink is Ice Coffee and my favourite desert is cold hard rock rainbow Icecream with kit kat. My favourite thing to do is play is lego and my favourite animal would be a Bearded Dragon.I Love how you have made that sort of slide show with the lion,cat,horse. How did you make it? How long did it take you to do all of your blog? Did you get any help with your blog? I like your blog.

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