My Top Picks For Science Fair

elena eggI have chosen 3 ideas, for the science fair. My top picks are…………..

1. The egg drop

2. Quick Sand

3. Tornado in a bottel

Those are my top ideas for the sciene fair. My ideas come from the internet. I typed more posts about the science fair.

If you want some ideas for your science fair go here

Don`t forget to leave a comment for the best idea.

Photo Credit: wikimedia commons, Kacper “Kangel” Anioล‚ek


4 thoughts on “My Top Picks For Science Fair

  1. I think that I will chose the one of the Tornado In A Bottle. Just because that I think that it will attract my attention and it might attract other people attention too. I think that it is pretty cool. plz tell me what experiment that you will be doing. I will be doing the battery with penny’s cardboard and cord. this is my link.

  2. Dear Elena,
    Its Roxy I know its tough making a decision for the science fair I`m having trouble too. I think you should do the egg drop it sounds really cool. Although that’s my opinion. Anyways please come help me chose on my site. This is the address to my blog ๐Ÿ™‚

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