Are You Ready For The Internet ?

Are you ready for more science fair projects? I found 3 more projects.

The first project that I chose is the egg drop. Some of you might know what it is. If you don’t  know,  I will tell you. What you need to do is create something to protect the egg from braking. So when you drop it of something high it won’t brake. It should be really fun.  I found that idea at 


My second project that I chose is quick sand. Quick sand seems very interesting to make. I think it might be fun for everybody to put there hand in it, the quick sand won’t be to deep.  The materials will hopefully not cost a lot. I found this idea  at


My last idea is a tornado in a bottle. I think that it would be really fun to do. I think that because I never have seen a tornado.  I found this idea at

http://www.sciencekids.co.nz/experiments/makeatornado.html elena tornado

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Photo Credit: Wikimedia comm0ns